whitesboro-apartments-horsesLocated in Grayson County Texas just half an hour from Sherman and Gainesville, Whitesboro Texas is a small, relatively quiet country village just off the highway between the two larger cities. Many households in Whitesboro include families with minor children living with them, and most are in the middle class.

Whitesboro is a wonderful place to call home for many reasons. It offers and excellent compromise for families and individuals who want the benefits of small town living – without giving up easy access to the amenities and options of a larger city nearby!

Quarter Horse Country

Because of its location in the midst of beautiful fields, Whitesboro is known as one of the main Quarter Horse locations in Texas – and in the entire country! In the center of town, you’ll still find the old well that once attracted the town’s residents so that they could get water for their families and their quarter horses. Though no one uses the well to water the horses any more, you’ll still find plenty of Quarter Horses in and around Whitesboro today.

In fact, many of the town’s main events revolve around horses – from horse shows to festivals where rider-horse pairs compete against one another in barrel racing and other traditional Quarter Horse events.

You probably won’t find a Quarter Horse walking through downtown Whitesboro these days, but take a drive on the back roads outside of town, and you’ll see what we mean! The ranches surrounding Whitesboro include Humphrey Quarter Horses, Don Ham Quarter Horses, Tallent Quarter Horses, Casey Hinton Quarter Horses, Kyle Ranch, Larson Performance Horses, and more.

In fact, all of these top-notch ranches, which breed, train, and show Quarter Horses and other reining horse breeds, are known throughout the world for their wonderful animals. Located close to the Dallas Fort Worth Airport, Whitesboro makes the perfect location for a high-class horse ranch operation to go global, and many of these ranches sell, race, and show their horses around the country and around the world!

Education in Whitesboro

Whitesboro is serviced by the Whitesboro Independent School District, which is in good standing in Texas for the level of education provided here. The school district includes Hayes Primary, Whitesboro Intermediate, Whitesboro Middle, and Whitesboro High.

In fact, our College Street Whitesboro Apartments are just down the road from Whitesboro Intermediate school, making them an excellent location for families with children.

Besides the actual school district, there are plenty of extracurricular activities available for children in Whitesboro. In fact, our Whitesboro Apartments residents enjoy a variety of family-oriented activities through the city’s Parks and Recreation Department. Many of the parks located within walking distance or a short drive of our Whitesboro Apartments offer youth baseball fields and more. And the Parks and Recreation Department runs a variety of family and youth activities, including youth summer camps for the period when school is out of session.

A Wonderful Place to Call Home

Whitesboro is truly a wonderful place to call home. This tight-knit community will welcome you with open arms, and you’ll enjoy country village style living within easy reach of the nearby city. Job opportunities in nearby Sherman and Gainesville abound, and many residents commute to these larger areas for work. When it’s just half an hour’s drive down the interstate, why not?

So when you’re looking for a homey, comfortable place to live, Whitesboro is an excellent choice. And our Whitesboro Apartments – Country Village, College Street and Oakview Apartments – are excellent options for a particular place to call home within Whitesboro.